M.Komoto Love

Monday, May 29, 2006

Another message from the Isles of Mykonos with added photo!

Kosta D. writes:
i have never been defeated. except by one man. one legend. his name is ... michael komoto"
"he brings strength and courage to lesser men, and his ameican accent has as air of authority. he was destined for greater things, from the age of -1500

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Komoto Love Pt. 3

Wow, the response was overwhelming on this yet another message, this one from Waitara - Sydney, Australia and message email marks the first media of Komoto-san

J.Y. writes:
Dearest Komoto-san, I have never felt like this towards someone before, they way you seme-ed into my life and brought your uplifting sunshine, leaving zanshin in your wake. I will never forget that night you saved more than just a lonely soul in Sydney, but a resurected hope within hundreds as you make the rounds around the country, Thank you Komoto-san.

More Komoto Love

This time the love comes all the way from Barcelona, Spain

D.Z. writes:
i will never forget the advice he gave me. the phrase still echoes in my heart, as I continue to unravel its meaning. and that phrase is...
KOUMON TANKEN. Perhaps i'm not in a state of readiness to fully understand

Touching indeed, walk towards enlightenment brave soul, walk towards enlightenment...

Komoto Love Opens

Hi Komoto Fans everywhere,
I've been recently overwhelmed with Komoto fanmail and decided to create a web-fansite in his honour.
Lets all take time to appreciate the kindness Komotosan offers each and every one of us, and lets start off with our first email, all the wany from the land of the Hong to the Kong.
M.H. writes:
It was a cold and stormy night in Hong Kong when I first met Komoto-san.
I was homeless, had no money and was begging on the streets. Komoto-san was kind
enough to take me into his hotel and kept me warm all night with his own body heat.

Komoto-san saved me from dreary oblivion that night, and i'll forever be in his debt.
Please accept my eternal love Komoto-san

Touching stuff, if anyone else has any Komoto-san emails, media, prayers please send them in.

- Unwaki